Training Courses

We schedule regular hands-on & theory Azure training courses, written & delivered by Aidan Finn, Azure MVP. But we’re also available for private training. Maybe you need a sales team to be briefed, or a technical team that you’d like to up-skill? Or maybe you’d like to know when we’re coming to a city closer to you? Contact us to learn more.

Our hands-on and theory “Starting Azure Infrastructure” class, teaching Azure storage, networking, backup & DR, security, and management, all in the virtual machine context, is scheduled as follows:

Comments From Past Attendees

Here are some recent comments from courses that Aidan wrote and delivered:

“Aidan covers all the information and workarounds so that you know what not to do, rather than having to learn the hard way from your mistakes. Also happy to answer question and off-topic questions.”

“I found it very useful for my job. I especially liked that we covered aspects that weren’t in the course but provided useful context, e.g. applying learnings like MS Flow and MigAz. I learned a lot about networking – not just the tools but the aspects that the tools are applied to.”

“Excellent as always.”

The recent delivery of this class in London lead to the following feedback:

“… a fun two-day session and definitely recommended to anyone willing to dip their toes in the Azure waters.”

“Thanks for the awesome course! Felt like I learnt a lot and only scratched the surface.”

“Really valuable 2 days to build our knowledge.”